Annika Sandberg

Annika Sandberg

President and CEO


Annika Sandberg is an award-winning Interior Designer with proven skills in universal aspects of Interior Design, such as Sustainability Design, Cost and Scheduling Control, and Project/Team Leader Supervision and Management. Ms. Sandberg has found success completing projects within diverse real-estate development fields: from high-end Residential Design, Private and Investing Residential Design, and Multi-Family and Mixed-Use Development, to Restaurant, Bar, and Nightclub Design, Vacation Rentals and several Hospitality Conceptual Designs.

Born in Sweden, Ms. Sandberg lived and worked in Western Europe prior to moving to Los Angeles in 1991. She earned her FIDER Certificate from UCLA’s Interior and Environmental Design School, and in 1994, founded her first design company, Sandberg Design. As an accomplished FIDER-CIDA Certified, LEED GA, and Green Leader-certified Interior Architecture Designer, Sandberg is also the 2012 recipient of the prestigious Red Dot Design Team Award for her work on the St. Johns Multi-Family Development Project, located on the west side of Los Angeles, in collaboration with Mikaela Nagler of MIKA Design.

Hospitality Turnkey, DBA Hospitality! Ms. Sandberg’s current company, was debuted in 2013 after recognizing that to follow her passion and honoring her previous profession within and for the Hospitality Industry and market (working as restaurant/bar manager and several positions in the Hotel sector for several years throughout Europe) become the priority and could no longer be suppressed. She felt it was time to contribute and to serve her clients at this time, with her several years of knowledge and experience in all areas of project developments (residential and commercial) to be combined with her previous experience in the Hospitality industry and all those extra hours of classes outside the obligated curriculum during the years attending UCLA. Ms. Sandberg knew that to create design projects in today’s extreme compatible market of multi-family and Hospitality projects, you have to understand all aspect of design in all areas and their requirements. You have to think “outside the box” and recognize and understand the psychology of the end users – the client.

Quickly it also become clear to Annika that the need for a to-trade resource showroom, she followed in 2014 with the opening of a Designer’s Resource Showroom, with products for the Hospitality projects, located at the REEF (formerly LA Mart) in Downtown Los Angeles. A space for the Industry to be introduced to new materials, to recognize the importance of quality, to get to know vendors and/or manufactures. The showroom is a space to visit, to buy, to attend CEU/AIA classes and to have some fun during the several times a year social networking events that Hospitality host. It’s about honoring knowledge, understanding and to expand our network.

With over 20 years’ in the field, Ms. Sandberg has a wide-ranging experience, knowledge, and access to an array of techniques, diverse design influences, and collaborative sources that make her contributions to every project unique, outside-the-box, and trend-setting.

Proficiencies Ms. Sandberg specializes in include:

  • Hospitality and Multi-Family Design,
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) applications
  • The Psychology of Colors and Light
  • Surface Materials
  • Kitchen Design (non-commercial)
  • Design for Special Needs (children and elderly)
  • Lighting Design
  • Project Management
  • Budgeting
  • Western and Asian Art and Architectural History


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